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Juegos BL: Loveless y Yami no matsuei

Acá les dejo unos jueguitos que encontré^^ Estan en ingles :)

1. Loveless - Juego de preguntas y respuestas - Quiz - Bajar AQUÍ

Juego Shonen Ai

Love and Quiz Game Guide

Important: You have to press Enter to Continue the Screens

1st day:
- Go to Ritsuka, press Enter

- Quiz Answers (Misaki, 6th, Hawatari, 17, 21th December)

- When the quiz is over, say the one you like most is Shinonome-sensei.

- Go to the wall with photos. Press Enter.

- Quiz Answers (Kaido, Butterflies, 167, Wisdom Resurrection, 23)
- When the quiz is over, say you're jealous. Go to the bacony end, leave for today.

2nd day:

- Talk first to the book shelf

- Quiz Answers (24th December 2005, Thief, Zero, Fearless, Nagisa)

- When the quiz is over, study the human body book.

- Talk to Ritsuka

- Quiz Answers (47, Osamu, Paladin, Minami, lose virginity)

- When the quiz is over tell him you want to help him study right now, and chose the Blood pressure subject.

- Once it's done, talk to Ritsuka again, when he asks you about Nanatsu no Tsuki, chose the "Pedophile organization" option. Then leave.

3rd Day
- Talk to Ritsuka
- Quiz Answers (Kouya-Yoiji, Love Attack, inma akane, Mei, taking photos)

Link to the youtube file

2. Love Impact (More Yaoi)
Para descargar AQUÍ
It may require the setup of this file


1-Talk to Hisoka.

There are two ways to do it right, here is only one of them:
-"But my home is beautiful too", "Do you want to come and see?", "I only want to be with you".

2- Watch tv alone (you'll see a program about how to cheat playing poker

3-Talk to Hisoka.
-"Would you let me read with you?", "I want to know you better".

4-Look at the poker game in the table
5-Talk to Hisoka and ask him to play with you. Then tell him you want his jacket. If you have watched the tv program, Tsuzuki san will cheat and win.

6-Go to the kitchen and bake a pie. The recipe is in one of Hisoka kun's books (you must search the book until you find it). But in the recipe you'll read "Two spoons of sugar if you like it sweet". Remember that Hisoka doesn't like very sweet things, so only one spoon will be ok. If you did it perfect, he'll tell you it's good. Thank him for helping you.

7-Talk to Hisoka.
There are some ways to make it well, One of them is:
-"Then I'll come and live with you", "You definitely have good points",

8-Go to the bed and don't sleep

9-Talk to Hisoka.
-"I dreamt about you", "I'm confused about my feelings about you", "maybe you are like a brother"

10-Go to the easy chair in the bedroom. You'll find Hisoka's diary there. Read it several times until Hisoka notices about it. Then try to make it up with him.

11-Play the rabbits game and get the ending (I know it’s hard, you must be patient

12-Talk to Hisoka. There are some ways to do it well, one of them is:
-"What kind of games do you like?", "Not even falling in love?"

13-Go outside, to the north, near the stairs.
-"Aren't you cold?"

14-In the house again, it's night already. Save your game (in the radio) and then turn on the tv and watch it with Hisoka kun. Keep trying to hold him, brush his hair and so on, until you notice he fell asleep.

15-Here you'll see the romantic ending. If you do it correctly, you'll see the ero ending after that. (reference)

3. Yami no Romance Guide:

1. Restaurant- Don't eat anything
2. Quiz - answer two questions correctly (ayumi, AB, melancholy,....)- give the flowerpot to Hisoki
3. Shopping - Buy the music box - first love- and give to him.
4. Roller Coaster- Touch his hand
5. Haunted House- Go out and sit down, then talk to him
6. Exit

Fuente: Darker Blue

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